Rackers Ingredient of the Month

Rackers Ingredient of the Month

You may see that we have changed up the Style challenge little bit. Choosing a specific style each month was great, but somewhat limiting. So going to an ingredient will help open things up a little.

Beer, wine, cider mead, any style, or even no style! Just use the ingredient somewhere. And bring to the appropriate meeting

Tried to pick things that would not only let you discover new processes, but ones that could be used in all of the categories of beverages.

Check Back here after the October 1st meeting for the final list for 2017. If you have any suggestions for ingredients let us know!



February- Oats (rolled oats, flaked oats, oat malt, raw oats……..)

April- coco (nibs, powder, extract…..)

June- Honey

August- Cherries

October- Apple

December- wood