January Club Brew

Fred Matzke will be kicking off 2017 with a brew at House of Homebrew on Tuesday, January 3rd. Starting around 4’oclock. Always a good brew day there! So come on down and check it out.

This brew is open to the public, so if you are curious, want to learn more about brewing, or just have some time to waste, stop by to meet the Rackers and of course pick up some brewing or wine making supplies.

There are always some great samples to try as well.

End of Year News

Got quite a bit of stuff happening in a short time these next few weeks.

First off The January Club brew.
Fred Matzke will be kicking off 2017 with a brew at House of Homebrew on Tuesday, January 3rd. Starting around 4’oclock. Always a good brew day there! So get on down there and check it out.


Entry registration and drop off for the Annual Rackers Wine, Cider and Mead Contest 
 Ends Saturday January 7th
And the Judging is January 14th
So get your bottles over to the House Of Homebrew
(We have another little blurb with the entry form and other things, here and while your there, you can check out some of the newest, and ongoing changes to the Rackers.org site.)


Next up, The Rackers Holiday party!
January 21st 1pm at the usual venue.
Stay tuned for more details coming as we get closer to it!


Finally, upcoming brewfests..
Fon du lac is just a few weeks away in February, so those brewing can start getting their final touches on their brews.
But we still looking for a couple more brewers and for Roar on the Shore in March.
Lemme know if you want to brew


Looks like we will be busy!


Happy New Year!
Shawn Legare
Green Bay Rackers

2017 Wine Competition Update

Hey all,
A reminder about our upcoming Wine/Cider/Mead contest January 14.
-Drop off has already started at the House of Homebrew and runs till January 7th, so get your bottles in now!
-Please fill out the Entry Form and attach it, and your check/money order to your bottle(s) with a rubber band. (using a ziploc bag for the paperwork is a good idea)
-Complete rules and entry info can be found here.. http://titletownopenhomebrewcontest.info/index.php/wine-mead-cider-contest
– Good luck to all!
Thanks a lot, and get those entries in (Al is getting nervous)
Shawn Legare

Green Bay Rackers!

Recap of Meeting 2016-12-03

A short re-cap of Saturdays meeting at Titletown.
-Still looking for Brewers for Roar on the Shore. This is not until end of March so plenty of time, but keep it in mind.
-Still looking for a pourer or two for Fon du lac Feb 4th.
-Looks like we have enough interest in the Wausau Bull Falls Golden Growler “contest” So.. Make your best Double IPA and bring them to the APRIL meeting where we will select our best 3 and get them sent off to the finals.
-Xmas Party tentatively planned for Jan 21, but could not secure final approval just yet.
The Rackers Wine Cider and Mead contest is will be happening January 14th. Sign up can be found at http://titletownopenhomebrewcontest.info/index.php/wine-mead-cider-contest
and entries should be dropped off at The House of Homebrew (410 Dousman St. Green Bay)
– House of Homebrew is Looking for a few brave souls to bring a keg of beer to be put on tap for the December 16th Wine Walk, And maybe hang out and talk some brewing and homebrews with everyone.
– And finally, election results
After several grueling seconds, the officers elected were….
President- Shawn Legare
Vice President- John Parsons
Treasurer- Theresa Slavek
Secretary- Paul Chambers
Congrats all!
And of course if there are any questions about any of this you can reply right here.
Shawn Legare
Green Bay Rackers.

Welcome to the new site!

After much procrastination I have finally pulled the trigger.

We are starting fresh here so please bear with me, it will take a little while to get this site populated with our content.

I decided to go with WordPress, it just seems a bit more user friendly to me.

I have cleared everything out for security reasons but we do have a backup of the old site so if there is anything you want to see on this site as well please let me know and I will do my best to get it on here.

For the foreseeable future, the site will not be open for signup. If you are a club member and would like to contribute content or comment on posts or pages please email me at webmaster@rackers.org and I will get you set up.

Everyone will have to create a new account if you want to post articles or comment on others articles.

Until I can get a proper link put in, here is a link to the Can I Mash it? calculators.

You can bookmark that as a permanent link. I will not be moving that page.

Edit: The calcs are there, just need to scroll down a bit to get to them. I will have to look at that code to see what is going on.