Titletown Open 2018 Website is LIVE!

Hello again everyone!  Our TTO 2018 website is now live for you to register and create an account.  If you’ve registered an account in previous years you will need to do it again this year.  We started from scratch this year.  ENTRY registration opens February 1, 2018 but you can still get an account created and see competition details.  There will also be a couple special codes coming so keep an eye on your email!


Welcome to 2018! Website Updates and Things!

It’s a brand new year with a couple new officers joining the ranks!  John Parsons is now the President and Neil Froelich is now the Vice President.  In addition to that Neil will also be a new webmaster for the website.  There will be several changes coming soon to breathe new life into a few things.  Stay tuned, we hope to make more frequent updates and have some new and fun club activities this year!

Ahnapee Homebrew Showcase

This past weekend was Ahnapee Brewing’s first annual Homebrew showcase in the blustery Algoma.

Set your calendars for next year! Already have a date of October 13th 2018!



The 2017 Rackers picnic anything goes contest is..

Paul Chambers with the 420 Mead!

Also want to give a big thanks to Bryan Halverson for hosting again this year. It was another great one.

2018 Rackers Wine Competition

Judging to take place mid January
to start preparing your meads, ciders, and wines!
Four judges with provide you with detailed evaluation comments.
awards will be presented for each of the 11 categories.
Stay tuned to the Rackers.org for exact dates and other info as it becomes available

The 2017 winners
Theresa Slavek- Savage Berries Shiraz
Fred Matzke- Honey Crisp Apple
Paul Chambers- Old Dry Maid Mead
Shawn Legare- Gruffy Sparkling Cider
Al Hendricks- Starwberry/Rhubarb

August Meeting

We don’t usually have an August business meeting, but because we have moved the club picnic to September 16th, we decided to sneak one in.

Saturday 1pm at the House of Homebrew

See you there.