October meeting minutes 2021

Meeting at  Stillmank Brewing
oct 2 2021
In at 1 06

Treasure report going back to June
starting 2895.09
ending for sept is 2099.62.  Detailed report scanned will post on website

old business
next week is Ahnapee showcase. we can pour for it if interested. let josh know ahead of time so we can get you set up

jockey box is ready to go. if you are brewing be sure to bring your beer to Ahnapee by at least noon the day of contest unless you have made other arrangements

wine contest is January 15th 2022. judges are set and things are moving along. The Rackers.org, will be adjusted with new dates shortly.

drop off will start January 3rd to the Jan 10th. at HoH during thier regular hours.

Start getting your entries ready!

Fred brew went great. should be getting kegged soon.

new business
Fondulac brew fest is going to happen. usually first week of feb.. details are coming soon
If you want to brew or pour for it let josh or Tom know sooner than later.

Feb had a lot of brew fests. will need brewers and probably pourers.
Rales and ales?
Hoppy Harts?

Will need to find out which brewfests are still happening and which ones we will brew for. keep an eye on emails if we need brewers.

Looking at seeing if Roar off the Shore is happening. That would be in March if it is.

learn to homebrew day First Saturday in Nov 6th
HoH will be doing something and Rackers will also be there. Not sure as of yet what we will be doing. If you have ideas or want to do something for it let us know.

Station 1 brewing in Suamico. Should be having their own beer sometime in October looking to have our meeting.

Elections are next month. All positions are open. If you are interested in being an officer contact Josh Shawn Tom or Bryan

Local ingredient harvest mini brew comp. for the December meeting. must use something Local for an ingredient. Does not have to be beer. wines food… what ever you want.

two Oktoberfests going on today. Titletown and Ahnapee.

out 1:50