October 6 2018 minutes

Rackers Meeting October 6, 2018
Call to order 1:00
Visitors/New Members:
Jeff Wright
Mike Schroeder
Approve August Minutes:
Moved: Bill
2nd:   Shawn
Treasurer Report:

September Treasurer Report

MAY 2018 ​   Ending Balance​​​​$1845.22

Aug/Sept 2018​Total Income​​​​$ 0.00

Aug/Sept 2018     Total Expenses​​​      ($ 28.43)

September 2018​       Balance​​​$ 1816.79 in bank




2018 Aug/Sept Income​​​​​$ 0.00


Dad’s Beer & Spirits – Beer for Education    $ 8.43

Noble Roots – Door prizes​​          ​   $20.00​

Move: Bill
2nd: Dan
New Business:
2019 TTO planning is underway. Head steward, cellar master, and 2 assistants needed. Formal first meeting within the next two weeks; informal meeting to follow this meeting.
-Exec board approves spending up to $30 for purchase of card reader for PayPal.
–Move to accept donation of card reader from Max contingent on reader being up-to-date with current PayPal terms
Move: Bill
2nd: Shawn
Motion passed
Fall apparel order coming up. Orders due Nov.1. Orders distributed December meeting.
Brewfest info:
Asked to participate in various festivals:
Fond du Lac (CWVB) Feb.2, 2019
Roar on the Shore March 30, 2019
Hoppy Hearts
Rails & Ales
Discussion on having House of Home Brew display our Club plaque stating “Home of Green Bay Rackers Home Brew Club”. Topic referred to December meeting for final consideration.
Old Business:
Wine Walk to first 3 Fridays in December. More info to follow. Shawn will coordinate all questions.
Wine contest coming up in January…get ready NOW!
[Missing items from Titletown‘s basement prior to this years TTO has prompted Titletown to offer us a place to convert to “secured” storage at their facility. John is entertaining ideas on how to make this a reality.] John bought bin for $40 for this. He & Neil will coordinate.
Move that Club repay John for bin
Move: Bill
2nd: Shawn
Motion Passed–(pay John)
Ahnapee Brewfest next week.
Door prizes
Adjourned 1:41PM