Rackers’ Recipes

Extract / Specialty Grains

Whicker’s Winter Warmer
Recipe courtesy of Matt Arnold

6.6# Northwestern Gold liquid extract
3.3# Northwestern Dark liquid extract
1 oz Hallertau Northern Brewer pellets (8.5% AA–60 minutes)
2 oz East Kent Goldings pellets (5.6% AA–.5 oz for 60 minutes, 1 oz for 10 minutes, .5 oz at knock-out)
Starter of Wyeast #1338 European Ale yeast
Kegged and force-carbonated (or standard 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle).

Procedure: Pretty easy, pretty straightforward, pretty tasty! The hop rate is based on a full-wort boil, so adjust your hop rate accordingly.

Partial Mash

Oatmeal Stout
Recipe courtesy of Dan Rogers

3.5# Dark Liquid Malt Extract
1# Dark Dry Malt Extract
2# Six-row
.5# Black Patent
.5# Chocolate
.5# Roasted Barley
.5# 40L Crystal
1# Oats
1# Brown Sugar
3 oz Fuggles (4.0% AA–2 oz for 60 minutes, 1 oz for 15 minutes)
2 pkgs Danstar Nottingham dry ale yeast

Procedure: Do a single infusion mash at 150F for 60 minutes. Four tsp gypsum were added to the mash. This recipe assumes a full-wort boil.


Black Country Extra Special Bitter
Recipe courtesy of Steve Olson

6 gallon batch
11# British Pale malt
1.25# Briess Ashburne malt
0.75# Crystal 70-80L malt
1.25 oz Centennial (80 minutes)
1.5 oz Willamette (15 minutes)
2 oz Kent Goldings (Kettle strike/Whirlpool)
Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

Procedure: Mash temp. 151F. 90 min boil. OG 1056, FG 1012.

A Taste of Köln Kölsch
Recipe courtesy of Dan Rogers

6# Pilsner malt
1# Light Munich
1# Vienna
.5# Wheat malt
2oz Hallertauer (3.8% AA–1.5 oz 55 minutes, .5 oz one minute)
Starter of Wyeast #1007 German Ale yeast

Procedure: Do a single infusion mash at 150F for 60 minutes. This recipe assumes a 75% efficiency.

Charlie Horse Oatmeal Stout
Recipe courtesy of Steve Olson

6 gallon batch
10.75# British Pale malt
0.75# Crystal 135-165L malt
1# British Roasted barley
0.25# British Chocolate malt
0.75# Flaked Oats
1.5 oz Northern Brewer (80 minutes)
1 oz Fuggles (30 minutes)
1.5 oz Willamette (10 minutes)
Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast

Procedure: Mash temp. 152F. 90 min boil. OG 1060, FG 1014.

Pale Ale
Recipe courtesy of John Blohm

(six gallon batch)
6# Briess two-row
2# English two-row
1# Briess six-row
1# 40L crystal
.5# Cara-Pils
3 oz Cascade (5.4% AA–1 oz each at 60, 30, and 5 minutes)
2 oz Kent Goldings (4.6% AA–1 oz each at 60 and 30 minutes)
Yeast Lab A04 British Ale yeast

Procedure: Mash rests: 120 minutes at 149-153F, mash out at 168F for five minutes. Boil for 90 minutes.

10# smoked two-row
1.25 oz Hallertau, approx. 5% alpha (22-30 IBU)
No. 308 Lager yeast
3/4 cup corn sugar for priming

Procedure: Make a wooden frame big enough to hold the ten pounds of grain, and staple a metal screen to the bottom. Roast the grain on the grill, trying to keep the temperature under 225 F. Stir the grain occasionally so it roasts evenly.

Mash in with 12 quarts of water at 136 F, mash temperature should be 132 F. Adjust the pH to 5.3. Allow for a 30 minute protein rest at 131 F. Raise the temperature to 141-150 F for two hours for starch conversion. Mash out for 5 minutes at 168 F. Sparge with 5.5 gallons of water at 168 F with a pH of 5.7. Add the hops 45 minutes before the end of the boil.

Mead / Cider

Brown Cider
Recipe courtesy of John Parsons
4 gallons of preservative free apple cider (or juice)
2# Brown sugar
Montrachet wine yeast

Procedure: Boil 1 gallon water and dissolve sugar, add to cider. Ferment for a week and rack. Bottle with or without priming sugar when clear