Festivals / Events

Festivals and events that the Rackers participate in.

The Titletown Open– Our own BJCP style competition Scheduled for April 17-18th 2020

The Rackers wine/cider/mead Comp– our members only competition January 11 2020

Ahnapee Brewery Homebrewers Showcase –¬† October. Update Pending

Rails and Ales – A fantastic brewfest at the National Railroad Museum. February 15th 2020

Roar off the Shore– A craft beer fest at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. March 28th 2020

Fond Du Lac Brewfest – February 1st 2020, 4pm- Fond Du Lac

Learn to Brew Day– A national event for homebrewers to teach what they know

If there is an event or festival in Northeast Wisconsin that involves craft or homebrewed beer, wine, cider, or mead that you think the Rackers should be involved in please contact one of our club officers and we will do what we can to participate.