Feb 10 2024 meeting minutes

Feb 10th 1:06 pm
8 in attendance at the start, with one new member Eric!
The Treasurer Report is being read,, but is also posted on line. Ending balance of $1823.21
The website has been renewed for two more years.
Xmas party was paid
Lots of memberships this year.. Good News!
Motion has passed to approve the report

Steve Roth stores all of the Rackers equipment and there now is a motion to start paying him our storage fee as we has always paid.
Motion was passed unanimous

Previous member and Brewer Josh Bahr has donated a ton of equipment to the Rackers
(Completed list of available eq will be posted shortly on the website Rackers.org)
We are looking to give Josh a gift for the big donation
Motion to give Josh a gift card of 100 bucks to Rustique Pizza
Motion has been passed with no nay. Thanks Josh!

wine competition
Had 32 entries.. was good turn out
Paul chambers won best of show for for wine
Steve Starry won BoS in ciders and mead
John parsons did have a perfect score on his Port wine.
Thanks Al and everyone who participated

Fond Du Lac
As a people’s choice Bob Brown has fantastic beer there.
That event gets bigger every year. We will continue to participate.

Roar off the shore is coming at the end of March , still spots available to brew for it if you want. keg or bottles. contact Josh.
We have taps and table decorations for our booth.

Do we use these events for membership drives? yes Kinda. But not as an all out membership drive

Midwinter Homebrew Contest
A few of us had beer in the contest
All did well, but no winners.

Looking for possible better web hosting site

The “Meet a Green Bay Racker” series of interviews is going great. More completed ones are waiting in the queue so watch for those

Checking to see if our discount at Northern Brewer still works
Looking into Rackers discounts at other places as well. If you have some place in mind that may offer club discounts, let us know so we can follow up.

Education committee is looking for requests on topics
There has been request for more Cider info
And interest in learning how the All in Ones systems work now that we have one

New business
Paul is working on a big event for his May 4th club brew.
All grain, extract, wine, and…reprocessing. Going to be a little of everything

HH Hinder brewery is basically full for their contest. They did raise their limit
Also have a people’s choice contest the same day,, but have to have an entry in the real contest to enter the peoples choice.

upcoming club brews
As mentioned, Paul is working on a May 4th brew
And Bryan is doing a resurrected Fiesta del Cha Cha in July!
If you wish to brew at Pauls and get help from Rackers, give Paul a message and we can set you up. we have all the equipment you need

Patrick brings up an idea of bringing a new person with you to our functions. Can spread the brewing word and get free advertisement

still working on a club picnic. If someone willing to host,, speak up
(After meeting addition: We appear to have found a picnic host.. Details will be forth coming)

Discussion on how TTO is coming back.
Looking to keep a club evaluation as it started,, then look at branching out?
Very heavy discussion on starting TTO again. Tis going to need a special meeting for it

High gravity event for November brew a style labeled as “big”. Working on a date but shooting for November.

Copperstate comp is next month. Get your wort and brew something.
Patrick wants to get club glasses made up. seems to have interest.
Not invited to rales and ales again. We helped them get started and now don’t include us.
Although this is not out of their norm.
De pere has city orchard. John is going to see what that means. If we could utilize
Wow! motion to disperse at 240