Shawn Legare Wins 2019 Copperstate Wort Challenge!

Congratulations to fellow club member Shawn Legare for winning the first annual Copperstate Wort Challenge with his beet juice saison! Expect to find it on tap at Copperstate Brewing in the near future!

PayPal Now Being Accepted for the Titletown Open!

Good news everyone! The committee has worked out the details to accept payments made via PayPal directly on the competition website. Head over to the contest page and pay for your entries right away on the competition website!

Discount at Tenacious Badger

One more thing in regards to the TTO: Tenacious Badger has generously offered a 30% discount on hops purchased directly from their website. Tell your friends, tell other club members, heck tell everyone you know! Simply enter “titletown30” at checkout!

2019 Titletown Open Entry Registration Open!

It’s that time of year again and the Titletown Open 2019 entry registration is now open! Head over to the competition website and get your entries in for the year! Follow the link below to go to the competition website and get more details.

2018 NEW Craft Beer Festival

We had a great time sharing a variety of home brewed beverages and talking with lots of cool people!  It was a busy day going from TTO planning to officer meeting to club meeting to event, but another great one in the books!  Cheers!


TTO2018 Prizes are Finally Annouced!

The Prizes for the Titletown Open 2018 are FINALLY announced! The link to the poster is on the competition website home page. Go check them out!


Titletown Open 2018 Website is LIVE!

Hello again everyone!  Our TTO 2018 website is now live for you to register and create an account.  If you’ve registered an account in previous years you will need to do it again this year.  We started from scratch this year.  ENTRY registration opens February 1, 2018 but you can still get an account created and see competition details.  There will also be a couple special codes coming so keep an eye on your email!


Welcome to 2018! Website Updates and Things!

It’s a brand new year with a couple new officers joining the ranks!  John Parsons is now the President and Neil Froelich is now the Vice President.  In addition to that Neil will also be a new webmaster for the website.  There will be several changes coming soon to breathe new life into a few things.  Stay tuned, we hope to make more frequent updates and have some new and fun club activities this year!