August 2018 minutes

August Business Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2018 (Noble Roots Brewery)
Call to order 1:02PM
Visitors/New Members:
Approve June Minutes:
Moved: Neil
2nd:      Bill
Treasurer Report:

July Treasurer Report

MAY 2018 ​   Ending Balance​​​​$2116.94

June/July 2018​Total Income​​​​$210.00

June/July 2018     Total Expenses​​​      ($481.72)

July 2018​       Balance​​​​​$1845.22 in bank


5 paid memberships​​​​​$125.00

1 TTO entries​​​​            ​$35.00

Donation from Jim Lenz                                   $50.00


2018 June/July Income​​​​​$210.00


Festival Foods.                             $27.40

Ck.1610 BYO                                 $134.91

Ck. 1611 Winemaker.                    $67.45

Ck. 1612 Neil Froelich.                 $251.96

2018 June/July Expenses($481.72)​​​​​​

Move: Dan
2nd: Shawn
New Business:
Picnic September 15 at Bryan’s place in Suamico. Details to follow!
Thanks to Noble Roots for hosting us this month. Thanks, Marvin & Alex!
Wine Walk to first 3 Fridays in December. More info to follow. Shawn will coordinate all questions.
New lifetime members: Alex & Marvin
2019 TTO planning is underway. Head steward, cellar master, and 2 assistants needed.
Fall apparel order coming up. Neil will have details next month.
Wine contest coming up in January…get ready NOW!
Old Business:
Missing items from Titletown’s basement prior to this years TTO has prompted Titletown to offer us a place to convert to “secured” storage at their facility. John is entertaining ideas on how to make this a reality.
Shopko Hall craft brew fest Oct. 6. Brewers interested talk to Josh. Beer, wine, cider & mead samples welcomed.
Style of the Month:
Discussion lead by Bob on style/flavor of the month. He is coordinating with John and styles/groups will be emailed out.
Yeast information courtesy of John & Shawn.
Door prizes