April 3 2021meeting notes

Rackers Business meeting Ahnapee Brewing 4-3-21
In: 12:58
a dozen in attendance too nice of a day. No one in Zoom

treasures report: Basic stuff. We has lots of money. No Bitcoin tho
Motion pass to approve the treasurrer report

Minutes from Feb approved and passed

Old business
A few beer fests were cancled but a few were just limited capacity
Old barrels wernt either right kind, but still looking at them. 5 gallon fresh dumps prefered

Copper state deadline is Wednesday April 7th for those who got thier wort.

Education committee:
Not much happened yet trying to get together to meet. With the Vax getting easier will look at setting a date.

Paul And wife Stroll in! Good to see you up and around again!

Getting back to education stuff. Can start using funds for education.
Meet with Josh after meeting or email , messenger to get in touch with Josh about the education stuff.

New business

Thinking about rolling xmas party into a bigger Summer party
Need a venue, catering? at Neds with Catering? Xmas in July
Plus keeping the Lil Pisser for the party.
Will keep this Open

Tom is setting up a club comp for next meeting IPA is the style. blind judge winner take all IPA challenge
email will be sent about the club
Motion use club funds for a prize $100 divied up 1st 2nd 3rd

Can we set up Bus for beer tours? Jim looking into it.

Ned Kellys has a beer fest bus going. Info will be attached Wisconsin Micro brewery beer fest. More info at HoH


motion to adjourn 131