April 2023 meeting notes

Noble Roots April  1 2023
Time in 1:02   22 in attendance

Old Business
Tom doing treasurer report. We are changing banks due to some odd fees. A few deposits. Full report posted to Rackers.org. Motion approved to accept report

Fondulac report. Bob Brown lots of people there. Polkas and fun!

Rales and ales. Was great once again. Busy. Gave us good lead time this year.

Roar off the shore. Lots of fun. Weather might have been a factor, but still lots of people. Changes to the voting that is year. No winner announced yet.

Steve Roth Brew day had short notice. A few people managed to make it. Got to see the Brewzilla!

New business
Big Brew day May 6 at HoH looking for people to brew if they want. Was outside last year and looking to that again. Let Tom or John know if you wanna brew or do something.

Looking for people to go to chiton brew fest. $80 bus from Ned Kellys. Contact John at HoHfor tickets.

Looking for someone for the picnic this year,, July/August?

Do we wanna do another small comp for future meetings? Maybe lager for October meeting.
Any kind of lager. People choice style. Certain yeast?

Tom announced he is taking control of education. There is chuckling. Secretary opposeses.
Tom will try yeast experiment.

People want stuff on website sooner.

Bring back style of the month. Paul suggests doing oing this For the October meet.
Josh brings up differing brewers days onamstyle To compare.
Suggestions to get info about style brews ahead of time.  Tom thinks we cannot do anything like this because of the work and planning.
Incorporate the brew month into the style education?
Paul volunteeres to set up  some sort of style schedule.
Moving adjourn and start the Smash beers.

Out 1:41