April 2022 Meeting Minutes

Green Bay Rackers – Minutes for April 2nd, 2022 Business Meeting

Held at Noble Roots Brewing

Tom Uecker opened the meeting and stated that the club finances were $1,576.41, not including some new membership dues that have not yet been deposited.

The “Roar Off the Shore” festival was reported to be a well attended event with Steve Roth, John Parsons & Tom Uecker representing the Racker organization.

The topic of restarting the Titletown Open beer competition was raised by Tom. He talked to some members of the Manty Malters club and they seemed receptive to the idea of collaborating with us to bring this competition out of hibernation. The Manty Malters would, however, like to participate in the yearly Racker Wine Competition. Josh suggested that members from the Rackers attend business meetings being held by both the Manty Malters and the ALE club in Appleton to start a dialog.

Al Hendricks expressed some concern that opening up the Wine Competition to the Manty Malters would result in too many entries and that the judges would be overwhelmed. Paul Chambers suggested some ways to avoid this, like eliminating meads & ciders from the competition, putting a limit on the number of entries or increasing the number of judges. It was decided this topic required further discussion in a separate meeting.

E-mail renewal notices were sent to those it was thought had not yet paid their dues. Some members at the meeting said they had paid at the Holiday Party but were recipients of these notices. Tom Uecker is taking steps to bring a paypal option to the renewal process. The banking relationship the Rackers currently have is also being reviewed.

The next club brew day will occur at House of Home Brew on May 7th at 10 am. This coincides with Big Brew Day. House of Home Brew will be brewing outside in the parking lot under a tent. The Rackers will also be brewing. The backroom section of HoH might be used by the Rackers to provide power to either Tom’s or Steve’s electric brewing system.

Steve Roth expressed interest in hosting this year’s picnic, but needs some time to be certain he can pull it off. He was informed that he can pick the date & will be provided with up to $150.00 for purchasing meat. Attendees will provide side dishes.

The Ahnapee Home Brewer’s Showcase is scheduled for October. Six members volunteered to brew beer for that event. Tom will contact Lindsay at Ahnapee to confirm the club’s attendance at this event.