Meet a Green Bay Racker: Paul Chambers

1: Introducing: Paul Chambers

2. When did you join the Rackers and what got you started? 
I started brewing beer (not very good stuff) in the mid 1990’s in
Southern Indiana where the ingredients were hard to find and
info on how to brew was also scarce. I joined the Rackers in
2005 and got interested in the wine end of things, especially
when I saw how closely it related to the beer brewing process.

3. What do you brew (beer, wine, cider, etc.) and how is it
packaged and served? 
I brew beer mostly from extract, but my
wines are either right from the fruit to must or from kits. I have
also found an interest in distilling (strictly for essential oils &
water though…). The beer is kegged and put on one of 7
different taps I have set up. One tap is reserved for Sprecher
Root Beer for my wife. (I find it a valuable trade off.) Wine is
bottled in 750 ml bottles & corked. Along with wine I also
dabble in cider and mead.

4. How long have you been brewing and describe your brewing
As I mentioned earlier, my brewing interests dates back
almost 30 years. My beer brewing is stove top on natural gas
while other heating methods a include stand alone Turbo 500
and an induction element. I also presently house the club’s Anvil
240 volt system.

5. Where do you brew? 
I have a third stall area in my garage
that is about 400 square feet. It is climate controlled, has full
commercial 4-bay sink, gas stove top and refrigeration. There is
also 240 volt available and flat screen TV.

6. How often do you brew; is there a certain schedule you have
or is it by season? 
I tend to brew more in the fall & winter but
lately have been doing more because of my new interest in all
grain processing for distillation. Availability of fresh apples &
pears makes fall ideal for ciders. Wine can be made ant time
especially when using kits.

7. What aspects of your hobby would you like to improve
I’m working on my recipe development for distilling and
am finding new things all the time. Sometimes you don’t know
what you don’t know…

8. What advice would you pass on to others considering this
The biggest thing I preach besides sanitation is patience.
Understand that some things need to be done right now, but a lot
of the brewing process needs time to develop the right
conditions for maturation of wort, must or wash. Take your time
and take notes to learn from your experiences.

9. What have I forgotten to ask, is there something else you’d
like to share? 
Don’t be afraid to ask questions of fellow brewers.
The Rackers is a great forum to exchange information, share
products and ask “how did you…” or “what kind of…” and
“where did you…”. There is no such thing as a dumb question,
just dumb answers! Enjoy yourself!

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