Meet a Green Bay Racker: Jay Brown

Meet a Green Bay Racker

1: Introducing: Jay Brown

  1. When did you join the Rackers and what got you started? I joined after going to Title Town after they opened in 1996. I was always curious about brewing. When I had my first micro brew, it was the Honey ale, I thought it was the best beer I ever tasted. I drove right across the bridge and went to Life Tools and bought my first brewing equipment and kit beer and that was the start of my brewing.
  2. What do you brew (beer, wine, cider, etc.) and how is it packaged and served? I brew all grain beer and make wine from kits. I asked about any brew clubs in the area at Life Tools. The next thing I knew I was a member of the Green Bay Rackers. It ended up being a great fit for my new hobby.
  3. How long have you been brewing and describe your brewing system?  I started brewing in 1996 from kit beers and within a year I started all grain brewing. I used picnic coolers for a mash tun and a 10 gallon stainless kettle for a boil kettle. I always used glass carboys. I bought a 10 gallon S.S. conical fermenter  but only used it several times. I just found glass easier to use. Now I have a rims with 3- 15 gallon spike kettles. 220 volt for mash water and natural gas for the boil. I use an oxygenator for my wort. I have an inkbird 16s controller for the pump and heater.
  1. Where do you brew? It’s set up in my basement.
  2. How often do you brew; is there a certain schedule you have or is it by season? I used to brew eight to ten 10 gallon batches a year. Now with some health issues I’m just getting back into brewing, we’ll see how it goes. I just brew when the weather cools down, usually starting in September or October until spring.
  3. What aspects of your hobby would you like to improve upon? All of it. Just make better beer.
  4. What advice would you pass on to others considering this hobby: When you start make sure you’re in a club where you can watch other people brew and learn from it. Ask a lot of questions.

9. What have I forgotten to ask, is there something else you’d like to share?

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