2020 June Meeting Minutes

June 6 2020 Racker Business meeting minutes
Start in 1:00– President John P
Online with Zoom

Last month’s Minutes reviewed. Motion to Accept and is passed .

Treasurer Bryan sent the pretty lackluster report. No transactions for months. Screen capped to Zoom. Members accepted.

Tall bill having the picnic,, Sobiski? date not firm yet?
Still having the anything goes contest as we always do. Bring your best homebrewed beverage,, wine beer cider,, we do a peoples choice contest and have a traveling trophy for it.
As usual bring a food and probably chair and a contest entry if you have one

Looking for a brewer for the July Brew,, can be at anywhere.
Looks like Shawn is going to brew at HoH date will be set later.probably a Saturday

TTO looks like it will postponed until next year. Will be starting to look for a new committee We have almost everything set up now need things like sanctioning,, recall judges.
looking for committee members for TTO: Josh Jim Bryan John Shawn, so far.

If you want to be on committee and organize the TTO get ahold of any officer.

Meads and cider have been moved to their own contest. Looking at a mead/cider contest towards the fall.
BJCP has their own judges for ciders/meads
Paul thinks should have first year informal judging like the wine contest.

Asking if we have enough interest in this contest. There appears to be a bit of interest. Can we co-ordinate with HoH to have contest there?
John says they do have people asking about ciders/mead. Could have a demo of cider making to promote
Motion made and seconded to start setting up cider mead contest. Vote passed

Now looking for people looking into that contest. Paul john shawn so far

Looking for help at HoH yet. position open nice discount

Not many brewing sine the last club brew.

Josh did split batches of Marzen and Heff kveik
Funky and hoppy

August meetings try to be inperson meeting somewhere

Its too nice out,, meeting disbanded 1:46