23rd Annual Titletown Open Winners

Thanks to all who entered. We had a great competition this year. Hope to see your entries in next years competition.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Here is a link to the official page.

There were 120 entries judged and 61 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show – Beer

Winning Entries

Table 1: Light & Golden Ales Lagers (11 entries)

Table 2: Mild Amber/Brown/Dark Beers (20 entries)

Table 3: Porter & Stout (12 entries)

Table 4: Hop-forward Pale Ales (21 entries)

Table 5: Wheat/Rye/Other Grain Beers (7 entries)

Table 6: Strong Beers (15 entries)

Table 7: Belgian & French Ales (11 entries)

Table 8: Fruit/Spice/Veg/Herb beers (14 entries)

Table 9: Specialty Beers (3 entries)

Table 10: Sour Beers (3 entries)

Table 11: Rackers Annual Challenge (4 entries)

One thought on “23rd Annual Titletown Open Winners

  1. Ryan J Landwehr

    I am furiously pimping my idea of combining speed dating with beer drinking. Any of our various members who happen to own a brewery (hint, hint) or someplace that serves beer in flights might consider such an event as part of the “green bay craft beer week” thing. Break off in teams of two (round robin style?) to identify the beers provided in the flight or sampler platter. There are no losers in such an event, and I might have a chance at a social life. -RJLandwehr

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