12-5-2020 Meeting minutes

Ahnapee brewing  and on Zoom

in 1:00pm

12 in attendance 5 on Zoom

Treasurer report will be posted at this link

Reading report from back to May. Biggest expense was the picnic.  Ending balance $2044.75

A couple of new memberships will add to that.

Treasurer report approved.

Last meeting minutes are on line. and have been approved!!

New Business

Holiday Party.  Jeremy motion to table the holiday party for possibly later in year, seconded . Motion approved

Matt Arnold is moving. Publicly thanking for all he has done in his time with us. Will be missed at the meetings!

Elections: All Positions are open


VP- Josh Janke voted in

Treasurer- Bryan re-elected 

Secretary- Shawn elected 

President- Tom Uecker Voted in

Yay!!  Congratz all!!

Old business

Wine contest update: we will be canceled for this year due to ,, you know what. 

TTO: Our payment is still deferred as far as we know. So we are looking at postponement but will see what the BJCP is saying.

Discussions of Club brews.  Sounds like we will be good to go for now, but maybe smaller groups. Probably will also probably be running Zooms for them as well. 

Looking at specific spots for brew meets. 

Getting plaques done to be up to date. Shawn will get the info and John will get the plates updated.

Looking into getting the Paypal useable for sign ups and other online functions.

Door prizes: online.. Big bill wins HoH gift card

exit and brewery tour 1:38pm